Response headers added by proxy servers missing in CURLINFO_HEADER_SIZE #60

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mj commented Mar 6, 2013

Often times proxy servers add their own headers (like HTTP/1.0 200 Connection established) to responses on their way back to the client. The size of these headers was not taken into account when calculating CURLINFO_HEADER_SIZE before the change from this pull request.

The problem can be reproduced quite easily using the test program from In our case the proxy server at proxy:8080 was the default Squid that ships with Debian stable.

@mj mj Proxy servers tend to add their own headers at the beginning of
responses. The size of these headers was not taken into account by
CURLINFO_HEADER_SIZE before this change.
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Thanks, now merged in master!

@bagder bagder closed this Mar 23, 2013

come on people. please get it fixed.


@bagder This is fixed as of which cURL version?

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That fix was commit bc6037e which went into curl 7.30.0

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