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cmdline-opts cookie.d: mention that "-" as filename means stdin Mar 20, 2018
examples gitignore: ignore more generated files Mar 23, 2018
libcurl CURLINFO_SSL_VERIFYRESULT.3: fix the example, add some text Mar 21, 2018
.gitignore gitignore: Ignore man page dist files Mar 7, 2017
BINDINGS.md spelling fixes Feb 23, 2018
BUGS BUGS: updated link to security process Mar 11, 2018
CHECKSRC.md docs: Spelling fixes Nov 15, 2016
CIPHERS.md docs/comments: Update to secure URL versions Aug 8, 2017
CMakeLists.txt cmake: add support for building HTML and PDF docs Mar 21, 2017
CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md docs: Update to secure URL versions Sep 4, 2017
CODE_STYLE.md CODE_STYLE.md: link to INTERNALS.md correctly Nov 9, 2016
CONTRIBUTE.md CONTRIBUTE.md: mention the out-of-tree build test too Jun 22, 2017
FAQ FAQ: fix a broken URL [ci skip] Mar 12, 2018
FEATURES LDAP: documentation update per #878 changes (#1506) May 23, 2017
HELP-US.md HELP-US: rename the subtitle too since the label is changed Oct 27, 2017
HISTORY.md HISTORY: added some recent items Sep 7, 2017
HTTP-COOKIES.md docs/HTTP-COOKIES: converted to markdown Mar 29, 2016
HTTP2.md docs: Spelling fixes Nov 15, 2016
INSTALL INSTALL: converted to markdown => INSTALL.md Oct 21, 2016
INSTALL.cmake cleanup: misc typos in strings and comments Mar 16, 2018
INSTALL.md docs/examples: demonstrate how to select SSL backends Aug 28, 2017
INTERNALS.md INTERNALS: we may use libidn2 now, not libidn Nov 14, 2017
KNOWN_BUGS Revert "KNOWN_BUGS: 2.5 curl should not offer "ALPN: h2" when using h… Feb 15, 2018
LICENSE-MIXING.md docs: Spelling fixes Nov 15, 2016
MAIL-ETIQUETTE spelling fixes Feb 23, 2018
MANUAL docs/MANUAL: formfind.pl is not accessible on the site anymore Feb 26, 2018
Makefile.am docs/SECURITY.md -> docs/SECURITY-PROCESS.md Mar 11, 2018
README.cmake removed execute file permission Dec 30, 2011
README.md docs: improved language in README.md HISTORY.md CONTRIBUTE.md Jan 14, 2017
README.netware docs: we no longer ship HTML versions of man pages Jan 29, 2017
README.win32 docs: we no longer ship HTML versions of man pages Jan 29, 2017
RELEASE-PROCEDURE RELEASE-PROCEDURE: update the release schedule Oct 4, 2017
RESOURCES RESOURCES: update spec names Dec 4, 2017
ROADMAP.md ROADMAP: cleanup Oct 28, 2017
SECURITY-PROCESS.md SECURITY-PROCESS: mention how we write/add advisories Mar 14, 2018
SSL-PROBLEMS.md docs-make: have markdown files use .md Aug 9, 2016
SSLCERTS.md SSLCERTS.md: mention HTTPS proxies and their separate options Mar 16, 2017
THANKS release: 7.59.0 Mar 13, 2018
THANKS-filter credits: Viktor prefers without accent Mar 12, 2018
TODO TODO: expand ~/ in config files Mar 20, 2018
TheArtOfHttpScripting TheArtOfHttpScripting: grammar Jan 5, 2017
VERSIONS VERSIONS: now using markdown Jun 9, 2015
curl-config.1 curl-config: add --ssl-backends Dec 5, 2017
mk-ca-bundle.1 docs/comments: Update to secure URL versions Aug 8, 2017


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You'll find a mix of various documentation in this directory and subdirectories, using several different formats. Some of them are not ideal for reading directly in your browser.

If you'd rather see the rendered version of the documentation, check out the curl web site's documentation section for general curl stuff or the libcurl section for libcurl related documentation.