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πŸ”΅ Blu (BLU + BLUX)

Blu tokens (BLU, BLUX) reward musicians on who receive Ups, and reward role (Artist, Changer, Guardian) actions.

BLUX, not BLU, will be on in Beta. BLU won't be released until users can be human-verified. After that, both will co-exist.

All users can earn Blu for qualified actions, including posting original creations, Upping content, moderation, and trading in time-pools.

BLU Logo

BLU Token Logo

Small BLU Logo

BLU Token Logo Small


BLU Token Logo

Small BLUX Logo

BLU Token Logo Small


BLU and BLUX are burned for Blu Ups. This form of Ups is recorded separately than Sol Ups, but both are combined to rank charts and determine what music shows up on

Earning πŸ”΅ Blu

BLU/BLUX is paid (1:1) to creators when they earn a Sol Up. cXc Music ( uses the Google account of the Youtube video* to determine which account to pay. A creator MUST link their Google account to their WAX account on-site to receive this payment, and MUST have a youtube video.

BLU is also given for completing role-specific actions, as described in the Mapps paper.

* - There isn't (currently) a way to link Spotify artist accounts, and SoundCloud authors can change their name, so Youtube is the only option.

To learn more about the economics of apps, see the Purple Paper, and to see the first app, cXc Music, visit


BLU and BLUX are both worth 1 Blu Up, but differ recipient's verification requirements.

When an account is paid Blu, they either receive BLU (verified users) or BLUX (non-verified users).

Difference BLU is considered in the algorithm that distributes PURPLE to Top-Chart musicians from rewards pool, BLUX is not.

Similarity Both are counted in the default chart display shown to listeners on

Converting BLUX to BLU A user that becomes verified can convert (burn + issue) BLUX for BLU up to the amount that they have received in the past according to transaction records.

BLUX, not BLU, will be the only Blu on in Beta.

Supply of BLU and BLUX

BLU and BLUX have a maximum supply of 264-1, the highest possible on EOSIO. Circulating supply fluctuates, with BLUX predicted to have a much higher circulating supply than BLU at all times.

BLU is indivisible (0 precision) token, matching it's functionality of being worth exactly 1 Up.

Smart Contracts

BLU - blublublublu BLUX - bluxbluxblux

BLU + BLUX Distribution

Issuances + distribution of πŸ”΅ Blu operates under strict CONDITIONS defined in the Mapps and Purple papers.

BLU may only be distributed by certain pre-defined actions on the site involving verified users, specifically role tasks and receiving upvotes on content you created.

BLUX is distributed to non-verified users, and also pre-issued to fund airdrops and giveaways.

BLU Issued

BLU is ONLY issued for actions defined in Mapps and Purple Paper ONLY to verified accounts.

Note: BLU is issued to blublublublu 1,000,000 at a time, in advance, where it is then distributed.

0 BLU has been issued and none will be until verification system is in place.

BLUX Issued

BLUX is issued according to the same conditions as BLU, but to unverified accounts.

BLUX is also issued periodically for Airdrops and other promotions. All issuances of BLUX are public knowledge via the bluxbluxblux contract, and listed below.

Note: BLUX is issued to bluxbluxblux 1,000,000 at a time, in advance, where it is then distributed.

Track your BLUX in any wallet

0 Decimals

Tip: Some wallets may have trouble sending 0-decimal coins. If this happens, try another wallet or use bloks to send.

Buy BLUX on Alcor