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gallium/targets/pipe-loader: Prepend DESTDIR to the installation dire…


Signed-off-by: Alexey Shvetsov <>
latest commit 4e86989a03
@alexxy alexxy authored committed
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bin bin/mklib: remove '-m32' for arm linux
configs gallium: Add pipe loader for device enumeration and driver multiplexing.
docs docs: recommend 2GB of RAM for Viewperf tests
doxygen doxygen: Add link to the gbm documentation to the header
include clover: Import OpenCL state tracker.
scons scons: Parse = operator in source lists too.
src gallium/targets/pipe-loader: Prepend DESTDIR to the installation dire…
tests glx: Use AM_CPPFLAGS to pass -I and -D to both C and C++ compiles.
.emacs-dirvars Add emacs dirvars file with Mesa indention definition.
.gitattributes Disable autocrlf on Visual Studio project files.
.gitignore Add to toplevel .gitignore android: pass -std=c99 by default radeonsi: initial WIP SI code
Makefile glsl: Convert the tests directory to automake.
SConstruct scons: Disable saving options automatically.
acinclude.m4 Honor NOCONFIGURE environment variable scons: Add more machine architectures to the machine map clover: Assorted build fixes.
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