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GGReadabilityParser is a complete rewrite of the current GGReadability, this new version is almost four times as quick aswell as providing much better results.

The use is simple, you have to create a new GGReadabilityParser object like this:

GGReadabilityParser * readability = [[GGReadabilityParser alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"someURLHere"]
                                   						   completionHandler:^(NSString *content)
	// handle returned content
                                          						errorHandler:^(NSError *error) 
	// handle error returned

This will create object, it requires a NSURL for the URL, a list of options that you want the parser to carry out, a completion handler block and an error block.

To get readability to parser just call:

[readability render];

If you want to check the load progress of it then you can simply check the loadProgress ivar - you can also bind to this.


GGReadabilityParser is free to use for everyone.

Please leave credit in your application where it is due - its only nice to :)