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Crowdsource your queue

To use Votify, you must follow these steps:

Run in your command line, it may not work for idle. This can be done by entering "python". This is the program responsible for maintaining the flask server that allows users to vote via their mobile device. It communicates to the votify 1.0 through requests.

Next you must run votify 1.0. This program is responsible for controlling Spotify playback as well as sending song data to Votify_Server.

Once votify 1.0 is run, you will be greeted and required to provide your spotify account. Simply type in your username and hit enter. If it is your first time running the program under that username, Votify will redirect you to a web address. You will be required to copy that address down and enter it into the program.

Once you are done signing in, the program will access your spotify library and print your playlists. It will then prompt you for the playlist you would like to vote from. Simply enter the name of your desired playlist

In a short matter of time, the program will instruct you to "Play playlist Votify then press enter". Votify is the default playlist that program created that it can modify and play from. Go to your spotify device and play music from this playlist. If you can't find it, that means your device hasn't updated fast enough.

As soon as the music begins playing, press enter in votify. People are now able to vote on upcoming music from your playlist by navigating to "http://host_ip/ and selecting their choice.

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