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Hugo Theme Massively

e2e tests

Massively theme ported from HTML5 UP for use with the Hugo static site generator.




See the demo's configuration as an example:

Hugo Internal Templates

The theme currently also supports the following "internal templates" supplied by Hugo

Cover Image

The cover image URL is hard-coded, therefore to replace this add an image to the following location in your Hugo application:


Supported Languages

Custom Front Matter

  • disableComments - If set to true this will disable comments on the post when Disqus is enabled.

Custom <head>

If you wish to add custom CSS overrides, or other elements in the <head>, then this can be done by adding the following to the root of your Hugo app: layouts/partials/htmlhead.custom.html. Any content added to this file will then be injected at the end of the <head>.


Example Site Production Deployment

Production Deployment

$ cd exampleSite
$ hugo --config config-prod.toml

Running Locally

$ npm i
$ npm run hugo-dev


$ cd exampleSite
$ hugo server --themesDir ../..

Original Theme Credits


This hugo theme is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Read More - LICENSE