A coop game composed of the sinous game and the html joystick
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A photo of the controlled character

Even with access to social media, engaging an audience from a stage is still an issue. Although the proficiency of the speaker is crucial to audience engagement, nothing compares to interactive experiences. With the same concept of "Twitch Plays Pokemon", Co Worm is a communal game that encourages crowds of people to achieve a single goal through collaboration. With some modification of the Html Joystick and Sinous, players could move a snake around on a screen by sending movement commands to a central Node server. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible by avoiding meteors that fly across the screen. In addition, these scores are saved in a MongoDB database so different crowds can compete for the throne. All in all, Co Worm is a great way to bring the community closer together and I hope speakers abroad will find it useful when engaging their crowds!