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A web application that allows students to reserve virtual machines in an OpenStack cloud

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The Labinski

The Labinski is a virtual computer lab that runs on top of OpenStack using the python novaclient.

The Name

Labinski means "lab in sky", ie. a virtual computer lab in the "cloud."


  • An OpenStack cloud (Not as hard to get as one might think: can be run inside a vm with devstack)
  • A database that is supported by SQLAlchemy (eg. postgres)
  • python (developed on python 2.6.6 in CentOS 6)
    • Novaclient
    • Celery
    • Bottle
    • Others...see pip_freeze.txt


  • Create a database that is supported by SQLALchemy (ie. postgres/mysql)
git checkout
cd labinski
  • Edit the file, make appropriate changes
  • Edit/create the file, make appropriate changes
python reset
python loadtestdata
python runserver
  • Open a web browswer and login to localhost:8080
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