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from commands import getoutput
import sys
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger()
console = logging.StreamHandler()
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(levelname)-8s %(message)s')
logger.level = logging.INFO
def list_references():
"""List the references in the local repo.
Return a tuple with the SHA1 of HEAD and a dictionary with the
SHA1 of the references as keys and the reference name as value.
references = getoutput('git show-ref --head')
HEAD_ref = None
refs = {}
for item in references.split('\n'):
sha1, name = item.split()
if name == 'HEAD':
HEAD_ref = sha1
refs[sha1] = name
return HEAD_ref, refs
def commit_objects():
"""List commit objects in reverse chronological order.
Return a dict with the SHA1 of the commits as keys and the SHA1 of
the parents as values.
commit_list = getoutput('git rev-list --all --parents')
commits = {}
for item in commit_list.split('\n'):
splitted_item = item.split()
if len(splitted_item) != 2:
commit = splitted_item[0]
parent = None
commit, parent = splitted_item
commits[commit] = parent
return commits
def find_svn_branch_name():
"""Return the reference name of the current remote branch."""
head, references = list_references()
commits = commit_objects()
current_commit = head
while current_commit:
if current_commit in references:
reference_name = references[current_commit]
if ('remote' in reference_name or
'trunk' in reference_name or
'git-svn' in reference_name):
logger.debug('Found remote: %s', reference_name)
return reference_name
# find the parent of the current commit
# and make it the next commit to investigate
if current_commit in commits:
current_commit = commits[current_commit]
return None
def find_uncommitted(svn_branch):
"""Given the name of the remote branch, show log of the commits."""
output = getoutput('git log --pretty="format:%%h %%s" %s..HEAD' %
if output:
print 'Possible unpushed commits (against %s):' % svn_branch
print output
print 'No unpushed commits found.'
if __name__ == '__main__':
status = getoutput('git status')
if status.startswith('fatal'):
print status
svn_branch = find_svn_branch_name()
if svn_branch is None:
print "No svn branch found"
logger.debug('Found branch: %s', svn_branch)