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This repository includes 3 yui3 npm packages. bare, base and full.
This package is just the contents of this repository with a package.json file that
contains no dependencies. This package should only be used if you are providing your
own special yui3-core package.
This package is the contents of this directory with the dependency of yui3-core. This
package assumes you are running YUI3 inside of NodeJS without needing DOM. Even tho
DOM support is in this package, jsom and other dependencies will not be installed.
The original YUI3 source package that requires the dependencies required for using DOM
on the server.
make: Will make all 3 packages
make && make install: Will make all 3 packages and install them via npm
make bare: Will only make the bare package
make base: Will only make the base package
make full: Will only make the full package
make full && make install: Will make the full package and install it
make clean: Will delete the ./build directory
make test: Will run the yuitest's for this project