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LaunchBar Scripts

This is a collection of Apple Scriptery for LaunchBar actions.


The native .scpt files are compiled and thus not supported by github. You'll need to open each file in Apple Script Editor and then save them out as compiled script files. They should be placed in ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions. Once there you'll need to restart LB.


Once LB can see the scrips activate LB and start to type the file name. Once you've selected the script press space and enter the text.


Press the number of stars you'd like 1 - 5 for the currently playing track


Creates a new task for EasyTask. As of May 7 2010 there are no other supported AS items. The new task will show up under Someday with no Project or Context. I've spoken with the developer and they expressed interest in expanding the script support of EasyTask. I'll update as they do.


Simple script that causes your iPod to sync with iTunes. Just something I often do before I leave my desk so I have the newest podcasts. No text entry is required. Just start typing the script name and press enter once it is selected.