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Comienzo is intended to be a blank starting theme that follows WordPress best practices. There are few/no styles and lots of empty classes that you should fill in. There are a few helper functions that I use regularly but by and large it's simply a clean starting place for building solid WordPress themes.
I'm happy to take suggestions via tickets submitted to Github. I won't be responding to any emails or comments on blog posts regarding this theme. Just keeps things centralized and tracked for me.
Thanks for checking this out and good luck.
Many thanks to @iKitty for help with the name (I don't speak Spanish).
Thanks to Elliot Jay Stocks who built Starkers which I used for a long time and was the base for this theme many moons ago.
To install upload Comienzo to your /wp-content/themes directory. Change theme folder name as appropriate as well as theme attribution and title in the CSS file.
Comienzo is a GPL theme which means you can use it as you wish without restriction. Enjoy.
Of course a link to my site is always appreciated.
--Curtis McHale
Revision Hx
Version 2.2.2
Converting to LESS for CSS processing
Getting Classy with functions.php
Added Neat since I'm using it on most themes now
Added some schema support
Version 2.2.1
Added missing alginments for images with and without captions
Version 2.2
Enqueue JS the right way including comment JS
Refactor the JS in scripts so it's done the right way instead of just leaving it for so long
Changed sandboxing prefix to match theme instead of company name
Version 2.1
Cleaned up indentation and whitespace
added new function that adds page slug to body_class
improved function documentation
add better error message to 404 page including link to site admin email
using locate_template instead of get_template_part
fixed pages so they don't have date and author information
updated README information to reflect the current state of the theme
added license requirements from the theme review guidelines -
Version 2
Updated to use get_template_part
Better documentation according to the PHP docblock standard on template files
Abstracted loop so less code duplication
Brought a bunch of stuff up to WordPress best practice
Version 1
HTML 5 valid
CSS 2.1 valid
Thumbnails for Wordpress 2.9 turned on in function file automatically if supported so older versions don't break.
jQuery 1.4.0 loaded from google code library through the functions file
Threaded comment JS loaded only if needed
ID appended to body element dynamically
Dynamic copyright date in footer and blog title automatically included
Client side validation of required comment fields
Each page can be targeted by itself with an id wrapper placed on the pages
Text in search box will automaticaly clear on click and return when you click off. This can be turned off by removing class of text from the text box. Adding the class of text will add this function to any text field.
Admin panel for clients to add their own tracking scripts like Google Analytics
Site title is H1 on home page. On every other page H1 is the page or post title.
Solid HTML reset.
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