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Dopetrope theme ported from HTML5 UP for use with the Hugo static site generator.

Theme includes ability for:

  • Portfolio items
  • Blog posts




See the demo's configuration as an example:

Front Matter

  • description
  • date
  • thumbnail
  • image
  • title
  • slug
  • author
  • draft
  • disqusid - See Blog Comments
  • hidesidebar - Set to false to hide the sidebar on specific pages

Blog Comments

Blog comments are supported by Disqus. Once set up comments will be displayed on the blog posts as well as a count on the homepage.

If not set up already, create a Disqus account and enter the account name in the config.toml file:

    disqus = "hugo-dopetrope"

To display comments on a post a unique ID will need to be added to the specific blog posts. Enter these IDs in the front-matter of the post files themselves:

disqusid = "1"

Cover Image

The cover image URL is hard-coded, therefore to replace this add an image to the following location in your Hugo application:



Example Site Deployment

$ hugo --config config-prod.toml

Original Theme Credits


This hugo theme is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Read More - LICENSE