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Ticket Fix Me

Ticket Fix Me is a maintenance request and tracking system focused on tenants (renters) and brings together the tenant, property owner and independent contractor/handyman. The platform will make reporting issues easier for the tenant. For the property owner, it can help to increase tenant loyalty, help develop a network of handyman to quickly resolve problems (this is particularly attractive to the small business property owner that does not have a maintenance staff). Lastly for the contractor, their network is expanded with the potential of increased revenue.


  • Curtis Jenkins
  • Joshua Ciaralli


ticketfix uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • AngularJS - MVC framework
  • Bootstrap - layout, etc.
  • Angular-UI-Bootstrap - image carousel
  • [Angular Messages] - form validation
  • [Angular Materials] - for animated tabs/checkbox/radio buttons
  • Angular-UI-Router - The de-facto solution to flexible routing with nested views
  • Angular-local-storage - An AngularJS module that gives you access to the browsers local storage
  • Angular-Aria - Angular's default accessibility by enabling common ARIA attributes
  • Angular-Sanitize - The ngSanitize module provides functionality to sanitize HTML
  • Angular-Animate - The ngAnimate module provides support for CSS-based animations & JS based animations
  • Angular-drag-and-drop-lists - Angular directives that allow you to build sortable lists with the native HTML5 drag & drop API
  • Angular-utils-pagination - Pagination Directive, easy plug and play to add pagination to your project
  • Angular-chart - Reactive, responsive, beautiful charts for AngularJS based on Chart.js
  • Apache - webserver
  • [Node.js] - Server side javascript
  • [Express] -
  • jQuery - javascript library
  • MySQL - relational database
  • - Get city & state using zip code
  • [jwt] - JSON web tokens
  • [morgan] -
  • [Q] - A library from promises
  • BCrypt - Encryption
  • FontAwesome - icons that are svg format used as fonts
  • Fontastic - Created custom fontastic font


  • Requires MySql installation.

  • NodesJs Configuration parameters are stored in "config.js" located in the routes folder. Sample contents.

    var Config = {}; Config.mysql = {}; Config.mysql.pool = {}; Config.mysql.pool.connectionLimit = 100; Config.mysql.pool.debug = false; = Config.mysql.database = ; Config.mysql.username = ; Config.mysql.password = ; Config.secret = //configuration for you mail server .. below is example only Config.smtpConfig = { host: '', port: 587,
    secure: false, // use SSL auth: { user: 'xxxxxxxx', pass: 'ppppppppppp' } };

module.exports = Config;

  • There are also client side parameters needed. Create a file called "front-config.js" in the "/assets/js" directory. Here is a sample configuration;

    //Point ajax calls to the proper nodejs instance var Config = { //ticketFixMeApi: '' ticketFixMeApi: 'http://localhost:4000' }

  • cd to the "back-end" directory

    • run npm install
    • Note: uses port 4000





Free Software, Well Yeah!