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Rich Enhanced Shell History

Context-based replacement/enhancement for zsh and bash shell history

Search your history by commands and get relevant results based on current directory, git repo, exit status, and host.



Standard stuff: bash(4.3+), curl, tar, ...

Bash completions will only work if you have bash-completion installed

MacOS: coreutils (brew install coreutils)

Simplest installation

Run this command.

curl -fsSL | bash

Simple installation

  1. Run git clone && cd resh
  2. Run scripts/


Check for updates and update

reshctl update


Overview of the features of the project

RESH SEARCH application

This is the most important part of this project.

RESH SEARCH app searches your history by commands. It uses host, directories, git remote, and exit status to show you relevant results first.

All this context is not in the regular shell history. RESH records shell history with context to use it when searching.

At first, the search application will look something like this. Some history with context and most of it without. As you can see, you can still search the history just fine.

resh search app

Eventually most of your history will have context and RESH SEARCH app will get more useful.

resh search app

Without a query, RESH SEARCH app shows you the latest history based on the current context (host, directory, git).

resh search app

RESH SEARCH app replaces the standard reverse search - launch it using Ctrl+R.

Enable/disable the Ctrl+R keybinding:

reshctl enable ctrl_r_binding
reshctl disable ctrl_r_binding

In-app key bindings

  • Type to search/filter
  • Up/Down or Ctrl+P/Ctrl+N to select results
  • Right to paste selected command onto the command line so you can edit it before execution
  • Enter to execute
  • Ctrl+C/Ctrl+D to quit
  • Ctrl+G to abort and paste the current query onto the command line
  • Ctrl+R to switch between RAW and NORMAL mode

View the recorded history

Resh history is saved to ~/.resh_history.json

Each line is a JSON that represents one executed command line.

This is how I view it tail -f ~/.resh_history.json | jq or jq < ~/.resh_history.json.

You can install jq using your favourite package manager or you can use other JSON parser to view the history.


Recorded metadata will be reduced to only include useful information in the future.

Known issues

Q: I use bash on macOS and resh doesn't work

A: You have to add [ -f ~/.bashrc ] && . ~/.bashrc to your ~/.bash_profile.

Long Answer: Under macOS bash shell only loads ~/.bash_profile because every shell runs as login shell. I will definitely work around this in the future but since this doesn't affect many people I decided to not solve this issue at the moment.

Issues and ideas

Please do create issues if you encounter any problems or if you have a suggestions:


You can uninstall this project at any time by running rm -rf ~/.resh/.

You won't lose any recorded history by removing ~/.resh directory because history is saved in ~/.resh_history.json.