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RESH ❯❯ Contextual shell history for zsh and bash


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Context-based replacement for zsh and bash shell history.

Full-text search your shell history.
Relevant results are displayed first based on current directory, git repo, and exit status.


Install RESH with one command:

curl -fsSL | bash

ℹ️ You will need to have bash, curl, and tar installed.

More options on Installation page ⇗

Search your history

Press Ctrl + R to search:

RESH search app screenshot

In-app key bindings

  • Type to search
  • Up / Down or Ctrl + P / Ctrl + N to select results
  • Enter to execute selected command
  • Right to paste selected command onto the command line so you can edit it before execution
  • Ctrl + C or Ctrl + D to quit
  • Ctrl + G to abort and paste the current query onto the command line
  • Ctrl + R to search without context (toggle)

Issues & ideas

Find help on Troubleshooting page ⇗

Problem persists? Create an issue ⇗