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* Copyright (C) 2006 Michael Niedermayer <>
* This file is part of Libav.
* Libav is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* Libav is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with Libav; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
#define MM "%%xmm"
#define MOV "movq"
#define MOVQ "movdqa"
#define MOVQU "movdqu"
#define STEP 8
#define LOAD(mem,dst) \
MOV" "mem", "dst" \n\t"\
"punpcklbw "MM"7, "dst" \n\t"
#define PSRL1(reg) "psrldq $1, "reg" \n\t"
#define PSRL2(reg) "psrldq $2, "reg" \n\t"
#define PSHUF(src,dst) "movdqa "dst", "src" \n\t"\
"psrldq $2, "src" \n\t"
#define MM "%%mm"
#define MOV "movd"
#define MOVQ "movq"
#define MOVQU "movq"
#define STEP 4
#define LOAD(mem,dst) \
MOV" "mem", "dst" \n\t"\
"punpcklbw "MM"7, "dst" \n\t"
#define PSRL1(reg) "psrlq $8, "reg" \n\t"
#define PSRL2(reg) "psrlq $16, "reg" \n\t"
#define PSHUF(src,dst) "pshufw $9, "dst", "src" \n\t"
#define PABS(tmp,dst) \
"pabsw "dst", "dst" \n\t"
#define PABS(tmp,dst) \
"pxor "tmp", "tmp" \n\t"\
"psubw "dst", "tmp" \n\t"\
"pmaxsw "tmp", "dst" \n\t"
#define CHECK(pj,mj) \
MOVQU" "#pj"(%[cur],%[mrefs]), "MM"2 \n\t" /* cur[x-refs-1+j] */\
MOVQU" "#mj"(%[cur],%[prefs]), "MM"3 \n\t" /* cur[x+refs-1-j] */\
MOVQ" "MM"2, "MM"4 \n\t"\
MOVQ" "MM"2, "MM"5 \n\t"\
"pxor "MM"3, "MM"4 \n\t"\
"pavgb "MM"3, "MM"5 \n\t"\
"pand "MANGLE(pb_1)", "MM"4 \n\t"\
"psubusb "MM"4, "MM"5 \n\t"\
PSRL1(MM"5") \
"punpcklbw "MM"7, "MM"5 \n\t" /* (cur[x-refs+j] + cur[x+refs-j])>>1 */\
MOVQ" "MM"2, "MM"4 \n\t"\
"psubusb "MM"3, "MM"2 \n\t"\
"psubusb "MM"4, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pmaxub "MM"3, "MM"2 \n\t"\
MOVQ" "MM"2, "MM"3 \n\t"\
MOVQ" "MM"2, "MM"4 \n\t" /* ABS(cur[x-refs-1+j] - cur[x+refs-1-j]) */\
PSRL1(MM"3") /* ABS(cur[x-refs +j] - cur[x+refs -j]) */\
PSRL2(MM"4") /* ABS(cur[x-refs+1+j] - cur[x+refs+1-j]) */\
"punpcklbw "MM"7, "MM"2 \n\t"\
"punpcklbw "MM"7, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"punpcklbw "MM"7, "MM"4 \n\t"\
"paddw "MM"3, "MM"2 \n\t"\
"paddw "MM"4, "MM"2 \n\t" /* score */
#define CHECK1 \
MOVQ" "MM"0, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pcmpgtw "MM"2, "MM"3 \n\t" /* if(score < spatial_score) */\
"pminsw "MM"2, "MM"0 \n\t" /* spatial_score= score; */\
MOVQ" "MM"3, "MM"6 \n\t"\
"pand "MM"3, "MM"5 \n\t"\
"pandn "MM"1, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"por "MM"5, "MM"3 \n\t"\
MOVQ" "MM"3, "MM"1 \n\t" /* spatial_pred= (cur[x-refs+j] + cur[x+refs-j])>>1; */
#define CHECK2 /* pretend not to have checked dir=2 if dir=1 was bad.\
hurts both quality and speed, but matches the C version. */\
"paddw "MANGLE(pw_1)", "MM"6 \n\t"\
"psllw $14, "MM"6 \n\t"\
"paddsw "MM"6, "MM"2 \n\t"\
MOVQ" "MM"0, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pcmpgtw "MM"2, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pminsw "MM"2, "MM"0 \n\t"\
"pand "MM"3, "MM"5 \n\t"\
"pandn "MM"1, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"por "MM"5, "MM"3 \n\t"\
MOVQ" "MM"3, "MM"1 \n\t"
void RENAME(ff_yadif_filter_line)(uint8_t *dst,
uint8_t *prev, uint8_t *cur, uint8_t *next,
int w, int prefs, int mrefs, int parity, int mode)
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, uint8_t, tmp0[16]);
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, uint8_t, tmp1[16]);
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, uint8_t, tmp2[16]);
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, uint8_t, tmp3[16]);
int x;
#define FILTER\
for(x=0; x<w; x+=STEP){\
__asm__ volatile(\
"pxor "MM"7, "MM"7 \n\t"\
LOAD("(%[cur],%[mrefs])", MM"0") /* c = cur[x-refs] */\
LOAD("(%[cur],%[prefs])", MM"1") /* e = cur[x+refs] */\
LOAD("(%["prev2"])", MM"2") /* prev2[x] */\
LOAD("(%["next2"])", MM"3") /* next2[x] */\
MOVQ" "MM"3, "MM"4 \n\t"\
"paddw "MM"2, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"psraw $1, "MM"3 \n\t" /* d = (prev2[x] + next2[x])>>1 */\
MOVQ" "MM"0, %[tmp0] \n\t" /* c */\
MOVQ" "MM"3, %[tmp1] \n\t" /* d */\
MOVQ" "MM"1, %[tmp2] \n\t" /* e */\
"psubw "MM"4, "MM"2 \n\t"\
PABS( MM"4", MM"2") /* temporal_diff0 */\
LOAD("(%[prev],%[mrefs])", MM"3") /* prev[x-refs] */\
LOAD("(%[prev],%[prefs])", MM"4") /* prev[x+refs] */\
"psubw "MM"0, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"psubw "MM"1, "MM"4 \n\t"\
PABS( MM"5", MM"3")\
PABS( MM"5", MM"4")\
"paddw "MM"4, "MM"3 \n\t" /* temporal_diff1 */\
"psrlw $1, "MM"2 \n\t"\
"psrlw $1, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pmaxsw "MM"3, "MM"2 \n\t"\
LOAD("(%[next],%[mrefs])", MM"3") /* next[x-refs] */\
LOAD("(%[next],%[prefs])", MM"4") /* next[x+refs] */\
"psubw "MM"0, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"psubw "MM"1, "MM"4 \n\t"\
PABS( MM"5", MM"3")\
PABS( MM"5", MM"4")\
"paddw "MM"4, "MM"3 \n\t" /* temporal_diff2 */\
"psrlw $1, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pmaxsw "MM"3, "MM"2 \n\t"\
MOVQ" "MM"2, %[tmp3] \n\t" /* diff */\
"paddw "MM"0, "MM"1 \n\t"\
"paddw "MM"0, "MM"0 \n\t"\
"psubw "MM"1, "MM"0 \n\t"\
"psrlw $1, "MM"1 \n\t" /* spatial_pred */\
PABS( MM"2", MM"0") /* ABS(c-e) */\
MOVQU" -1(%[cur],%[mrefs]), "MM"2 \n\t" /* cur[x-refs-1] */\
MOVQU" -1(%[cur],%[prefs]), "MM"3 \n\t" /* cur[x+refs-1] */\
MOVQ" "MM"2, "MM"4 \n\t"\
"psubusb "MM"3, "MM"2 \n\t"\
"psubusb "MM"4, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pmaxub "MM"3, "MM"2 \n\t"\
PSHUF(MM"3", MM"2") \
"punpcklbw "MM"7, "MM"2 \n\t" /* ABS(cur[x-refs-1] - cur[x+refs-1]) */\
"punpcklbw "MM"7, "MM"3 \n\t" /* ABS(cur[x-refs+1] - cur[x+refs+1]) */\
"paddw "MM"2, "MM"0 \n\t"\
"paddw "MM"3, "MM"0 \n\t"\
"psubw "MANGLE(pw_1)", "MM"0 \n\t" /* spatial_score */\
/* if(p->mode<2) ... */\
MOVQ" %[tmp3], "MM"6 \n\t" /* diff */\
"cmpl $2, %[mode] \n\t"\
"jge 1f \n\t"\
LOAD("(%["prev2"],%[mrefs],2)", MM"2") /* prev2[x-2*refs] */\
LOAD("(%["next2"],%[mrefs],2)", MM"4") /* next2[x-2*refs] */\
LOAD("(%["prev2"],%[prefs],2)", MM"3") /* prev2[x+2*refs] */\
LOAD("(%["next2"],%[prefs],2)", MM"5") /* next2[x+2*refs] */\
"paddw "MM"4, "MM"2 \n\t"\
"paddw "MM"5, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"psrlw $1, "MM"2 \n\t" /* b */\
"psrlw $1, "MM"3 \n\t" /* f */\
MOVQ" %[tmp0], "MM"4 \n\t" /* c */\
MOVQ" %[tmp1], "MM"5 \n\t" /* d */\
MOVQ" %[tmp2], "MM"7 \n\t" /* e */\
"psubw "MM"4, "MM"2 \n\t" /* b-c */\
"psubw "MM"7, "MM"3 \n\t" /* f-e */\
MOVQ" "MM"5, "MM"0 \n\t"\
"psubw "MM"4, "MM"5 \n\t" /* d-c */\
"psubw "MM"7, "MM"0 \n\t" /* d-e */\
MOVQ" "MM"2, "MM"4 \n\t"\
"pminsw "MM"3, "MM"2 \n\t"\
"pmaxsw "MM"4, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pmaxsw "MM"5, "MM"2 \n\t"\
"pminsw "MM"5, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"pmaxsw "MM"0, "MM"2 \n\t" /* max */\
"pminsw "MM"0, "MM"3 \n\t" /* min */\
"pxor "MM"4, "MM"4 \n\t"\
"pmaxsw "MM"3, "MM"6 \n\t"\
"psubw "MM"2, "MM"4 \n\t" /* -max */\
"pmaxsw "MM"4, "MM"6 \n\t" /* diff= MAX3(diff, min, -max); */\
"1: \n\t"\
MOVQ" %[tmp1], "MM"2 \n\t" /* d */\
MOVQ" "MM"2, "MM"3 \n\t"\
"psubw "MM"6, "MM"2 \n\t" /* d-diff */\
"paddw "MM"6, "MM"3 \n\t" /* d+diff */\
"pmaxsw "MM"2, "MM"1 \n\t"\
"pminsw "MM"3, "MM"1 \n\t" /* d = clip(spatial_pred, d-diff, d+diff); */\
"packuswb "MM"1, "MM"1 \n\t"\
:[prev] "r"(prev),\
[cur] "r"(cur),\
[next] "r"(next),\
[mode] "g"(mode)\
__asm__ volatile(MOV" "MM"1, %0" :"=m"(*dst));\
dst += STEP;\
prev+= STEP;\
cur += STEP;\
next+= STEP;\
if (parity) {
#define prev2 "prev"
#define next2 "cur"
#undef prev2
#undef next2
} else {
#define prev2 "cur"
#define next2 "next"
#undef prev2
#undef next2
#undef STEP
#undef MM
#undef MOV
#undef MOVQ
#undef MOVQU
#undef PSHUF
#undef PSRL1
#undef PSRL2
#undef LOAD
#undef PABS
#undef CHECK
#undef CHECK1
#undef CHECK2
#undef FILTER
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