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#lang racket
(require "common.rkt")
; Find the value of n, 1 <= n <= 10^7 for which phi(n) is a permutation of n
; and the ratio n/phi(n) produces a minimum.
(define (solve)
(define phi (fast-phi (uniq-factorizer 10000000)))
(define (permutation? a b)
(equal? (sort (int->list a) <)
(sort (int->list b) <)))
(lambda (x) (permutation? (first x) (second x)))
(lambda (x) (list x (phi x)))
(range 8000000 (sub1 10000000))))
(lambda (x y) (< (/ (first x) (second x))
(/ (first y) (second y))))))))
(provide solve)
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