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#lang racket
(require "common.rkt")
; Find offset of the base exponent pair with the greatest numeric value.
(define (solve)
(define input
(map (lambda (x) (map string->number (csv->lst x))) (file->lines "99.txt")))
(define (number lst)
(map (lambda (x) (append (second x) (list (first x))))
(zip (build-list (length lst) add1) lst)))
(define (find-max lst)
(define numb (number lst))
(define (compare-exp ba pa bb pb) (< (* pa (log ba)) (* pb (log bb))))
(foldl (lambda (x y) (if (compare-exp (first x) (second x)
(first y) (second y)) y x))
(car numb) (cdr numb)))
(last (find-max input)))
(provide solve)
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