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Nelisquare home page:

Community talks are at feel free to communicate!

Meego (n9[50])

Get Nelisquare from Ovi Store!

Maemo 5 (n900)

Enable Extras-devel repository at your device to get latest stable version. or visit nelisquare page at maemo garage


If your GPS lock time is huge - set up "" as your a-gps server. check this thread or follow that instruction

Auto-update of nelisquare

Starting from version 0.4.3 auto-update and inform system is included into application. You will be notified of new version available if you select preferable distribution type.

Developer builds

Simply point browser to and choose platform and version to install. nelisquare-*.deb are stable versions; nelisquare-devel.deb, if any, points to latest devel release (can be updates multiple time a day)

There is devel builds for meego aswell.


Feel free to fork, develop, pull changes back

If you found any bug - feel free to commuticate @basil_s. Please fill up unique id of event ( i.e. checkinID, venueID, photoID) - simply open bugged thing at browser and copy full link.


  • Notifications
  • Friends feed: images, comments.
  • Checkin details: points, badges, comments
  • Venue details: tips, photos, users "here now", location at map (google maps, osm)
  • Uses details: Current score, best score, friends list, count of badges, mayorships, checkins.
  • Photo details: fullsized photo, author, uploader.
  • Friends managment (add,remove,approve)
  • Photo upload with sharing options: photo gallery. (shows newest to oldest images, it takes 3-10 secs to update after new photo has been taken)
  • Settings page: orientation lock, icon set, remove auth.
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