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Nelisquare home page: http://custodian.github.com/nelisquare/

Community talks are at maemo.org feel free to communicate!

Meego (n9[50])

Get Nelisquare from Ovi Store! http://store.ovi.com/content/291307

Maemo 5 (n900)

Enable Extras-devel repository at your device to get latest stable version. or visit nelisquare page at maemo garage


If your GPS lock time is huge - set up "supl.google.com" as your a-gps server. check this thread or follow that instruction

Auto-update of nelisquare

Starting from version 0.4.3 auto-update and inform system is included into application. You will be notified of new version available if you select preferable distribution type.

Developer builds

Simply point browser to http://thecust.net/nelisquare/ and choose platform and version to install. nelisquare-*.deb are stable versions; nelisquare-devel.deb, if any, points to latest devel release (can be updates multiple time a day)

There is devel builds for meego aswell.


Feel free to fork, develop, pull changes back

If you found any bug - feel free to commuticate @basil_s. Please fill up unique id of event ( i.e. checkinID, venueID, photoID) - simply open bugged thing at browser and copy full link.


  • Notifications
  • Friends feed: images, comments.
  • Checkin details: points, badges, comments
  • Venue details: tips, photos, users "here now", location at map (google maps, osm)
  • Uses details: Current score, best score, friends list, count of badges, mayorships, checkins.
  • Photo details: fullsized photo, author, uploader.
  • Friends managment (add,remove,approve)
  • Photo upload with sharing options: photo gallery. (shows newest to oldest images, it takes 3-10 secs to update after new photo has been taken)
  • Settings page: orientation lock, icon set, remove auth.