Raspberry Pi time-lapse program with web interface
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Time-lapse program for Raspberry Pi

This is my solution for a time-lapse program with included web interface running on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. I am using this solution to create MP4 videos out of thousands of recorded pictures with the Raspberry Pi camera. I build this solution with a Raspberry Pi camera to preserve the mechanics of a DSLR system. If you create 10.000 pictures for a single video a non-mechanical and silent solution is very smart.

A detailed description of my solution is available on my blog: https://custom-build-robots.com/top-story-de/raspberry-pi-timelapse-fotografie-tutorial-bilder-im-zeitraffer-video/9970 in German only (sorry I will translate the posts in the future).

timelapse web interface

Planned features

  • set a start time for the time lapse like 4:30 am
  • set the end time of the time lapse like 5:45 pm
  • Option to enable / disable the automatic ffmpeg calculation
  • display the pictures folders for which no ffmpeg calculation was done

Known problems

I used the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and together with raspistill I actual see many reboots. Now I switched back to my old Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to record the pictures and the system works very well over 10 hours.