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A custom component for displaying sensor values as cards or elements
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Custom component for lovelace which can be used as a card or an element on a picture-elements card.

Circle Sensor Examples

Note: When including this file in your ui-lovelace.yaml you must use type: module


Name Type Description Default
type string custom:circle-sensor-card Required
entity string sensor.temperature Required
show_card boolean Render as a card false
name string Name to display above sensor value none
min number Minimum value 0
max number Maximum value 100
font_style list CSS style properities to apply to font none
fill string Background color of circle rgba(255, 255, 255, .75)
stroke_width number Width of circle value indication ring 6
stroke_color hex code Default stroke color #03a9f4
color_stops object Sensor value to color mapping (see below) none
gradient boolean Whether to smoothly transition between color stops false
units string Custom units of measurement none
attribute string Attribute element of entity to use instead of its state none
attribute_max string Use attribute element of entity as max none
show_max boolean Display the max value false

Color stops

A mapping from value to color. If gradient is set to true, mid-stop colors will be calculated on a linear gradient from one stop to the next.

  50: '#84B821'
  100: '#D43214' 


Step 1

Install circle-sensor-card by copying circle-sensor-card.jsfrom this repo to <config directory>/www/ on your Home Assistant instance.


mv circle-sensor-card.js /config/www/

Step 2

Link circle-sensor-card inside you ui-lovelace.yaml.

  - url: /local/circle-sensor-card.js?v=0
    type: module

Step 3

Add a custom card or custom element in your ui-lovelace.yaml using type: custom:circle-sensor-card


- type: custom:circle-sensor-card
  entity: sensor.outside_temperature
  max: 120
  min: 30
  stroke_width: 10
  gradient: true
  units: ' '
  attribute: 'ambient'
  attribute_max: 'feels_like'
  show_max: true
    color: red
    font-size: 1.5em
    text-shadow: '2px 2px black'
    font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'
    50: '#55FF55'
    75: '#5555FF'
    100: '#FF5555'
    top: 50%
    left: 50%
    width: 75px
    height: 75px
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