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Entity Attributes
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Entity attributes

Entity attributes allows you to show basic attributes from multiple entities.



Name Type Default Description
type string Required custom:entity-attributes-card
title string optional A title for the card
heading_name string 'Attributes' Heading of the attribute column
heading_state string 'States' Heading of the states column
filter object Required A filter object that can contain include and exclude sections

⚠️ include and exclude can be simple lists (format [domain].[entity].[attribute]) or objects of type below. [attribute] can also be a pattern.

Name Type Default Description
key string Required A pattern for the attribute. Example: media_player.bedroom.media_title
name string optional A string to replace the actual attribute name with
unit string optional A string to append an arbitrary unit to the value


- type: custom:entity-attributes-card
  title: Attributes Card
  heading_name: List
  heading_state: States
      - key: climate.hvac.*
      - key: media_player.bedroom.app_name
        name: Application
      - key: media_player.bedroom.media_title
        name: Media center
      - climate.heatpump.current_temperature
      - vacuum.xiaomi_mi_robot.battery_level
        unit: %

How to embed this inside entities card:

screen shot 2018-07-09 at 13 47 38

- type: entities
  title: Entities card
    - media_player.bedroom
    - type: custom:entity-attributes-card
      entity: media_player.bedroom
          - media_player.bedroom.app_name
          - media_player.bedroom.media_title
    - sensor.short_name
    - sensor.battery_sensor
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