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Displays a card showing Nintendo Switch games that are on sale from your wish list.
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Nintendo Wishlist Card

MIT license hacs_badge

A card that displays Nintendo Switch games that are on sale from your wish list.

Cover Art Background Art
Cover Art Background Art


  1. Install the Nintendo Wishlist Custom Component.
  2. Copy the nintendo-wishlist-card.js into your www/custom-lovelace folder or install it from the HACS (Home Assistant Community Store).
  3. Add the following to your ui-lovelace.yaml file under resources:
  - url: /local/custom-lovelace/nintendo-wishlist-card.js
    type: js
  1. Add the card to one of your lovelace views.
  - type: custom:nintendo-wishlist-card
    entity: sensor.nintendo_wishlist
    title: Switch Wishlist
    image_style: boxart


Name Type Default Description
type string Required custom:nintendo-wishlist-card
entity string Required The entity id of the nintendo-wishlist custom component. e.g. sensor.nintendo_wishlist
title string The title to display at the top of the card.
image_style string boxart The art style to display. Options are boxart or backgroundart.


The code for this card is a minor modification of @maykar's upcoming-media-card.

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