Give you the option to prefix the state-label with a formated string.
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State Element

This element is not all that useful as a card (it can be used for that to), the purpose of this is to give the option to add static text on a picture-elements card.


Name Type Requirement Description
type string Required custom:state-element
entity string Required The entity_id of the entity you want to show.
prefix string Optional A string you want to show in front of the attribute, ex. "My prefix string: "
show_empty boolean Optional Give you the possibility to show unavailable if the state is empty, default false


Step 1

Install state-element by copying state-element.jsfrom this repo to <config directory>/www/state-element.js on your Home Assistant instanse.


mv state-element.js /config/www/

Step 2

Link state-element inside you ui-lovelace.yaml.

  - url: /local/state-element.js?v=0
    type: js

Step 3

Add a custom element in your ui-lovelace.yaml

      - type: picture-elements
        image: /local/files/LUfuf8ow.jpg
          - type: custom:state-element
            entity: sensor.my_sensor
            prefix: "My prefix string: "

Example with styles

      - type: picture-elements
        image: /local/files/LUfuf8ow.jpg
          - type: custom:state-element
            entity: sensor.untappd_last_checkin
            prefix: "<b style='font-weigth: bold; color: orange'>Last checkin: </b>"
              top: 47%
              left: 5px
              transform: none