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A custom component for displaying camera feeds in the style of a surveillance system.
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Custom component for lovelace to be used as a panel for viewing security cameras.

Note: When including this file in your ui-lovelace.yaml you must use type: module


Name Type Description Default
type string custom:surveillance-card Required
cameras list See camera section below Required
thumb_interval number Update interval for thumbnails in seconds (min 0.5) 10
update_interval number Update interval for main image in seconds (min 0.5) 1
focus_motion boolean Switch to camera when motion detected true

Camera configuration

Each entry in the camera list takes the following options

Name Type Description Default
entity string Camera entity_id Required
motion_entity string entity_id of a binary sensor to use for motion detection (uses state=='on' as motion detected) none


Step 1

Install surveillance-card by copying surveillance-card.jsfrom this repo to <config directory>/www/ on your Home Assistant instance.


mv surveillance-card.js /config/www/

Step 2

Link surveillance-card inside you ui-lovelace.yaml.

  - url: /local/surveillance-card.js?v=0
    type: module

Step 3

Add as custom card of a panel view in your ui-lovelace.yaml using type: custom:surveillance-card


  - title: Surveillance
    icon: mdi:cctv
    panel: true
      - type: custom:surveillance-card
        thumb_interval: 15
        update_interval: 2
          - entity: camera.front_porch
            motion_entity: binary_sensor.front_porch_motion
          - entity: camera.back_yard
            motion_entity: binary_sensor.back_yard_motion
          - entity: camera.driveway
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