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A custom component for displaying camera feeds in the style of a surveillance system.


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Surveillance Card

Surveillance Card is a custom component for lovelace to be used as a panel for viewing security cameras. It shows all of the cameras on the left, and shows a big one with motion on the right.

GitHub release (latest by date) Apache 2.0 hacs_badge


Configuration Parameters

Name Type Description Default
type string custom:surveillance-card Required
cameras list See camera section below Required
thumb_interval number Update interval for thumbnails in seconds (min 0.5) 10
update_interval number Update interval for main image in seconds (min 0.5) 1
show_capture_buttons boolean Show screenshot and record buttons true
recording_duration number Number of seconds to record after clicking record button (min 0.5) 10
focus_motion boolean Switch to camera when motion detected true
camera_view string “live” will show the live view if the stream integration is enabled. ""
thumb_position string Position of the thumbnails (left, right, top, bottom, none) left

Camera Parameters

Each entry in the camera list takes the following options

Name Type Description Default
entity string or array Camera entity_id Required
motion_entity string entity_id of a binary sensor to use for motion detection (uses state=='on' as motion detected) none

Install Using HACS

Simple Install (Requires Core 2022.8 or newer)

Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.

Manually Install through HACS

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of HACS installed. HACS install guide
  2. Log in as an Admin and go to HACS > Frontend > Explore and Download Repositories > Search for "surveillance-card" and select it from the list
  3. Click download on the bottom right
  4. Reload your browser when prompted

Add Card To Dashboard

Note For the page you create, make sure to set the View Type to "Panel (1 card)"

  1. Create a new dashboard or select the dashboard you wish to use (must be a UI configured dashboard, use 3b for YAML)
  2. Click the menu button (top right 3 dots) and select edit
  3. Add a "Manual Card" to your screen
  4. Fill out options like the example below
type: custom:surveillance-card
thumb_interval: 15
update_interval: 2
recording_duration: 10
show_capture_buttons: true
camera_view: ""
  - entity: camera.front_porch
    motion_entity: binary_sensor.front_porch_motion
  - entity: camera.back_yard
    motion_entity: binary_sensor.back_yard_motion

Saving Snapshots from Cameras

Clicking on the camera button will save a single snapshot from that camera.

Clicking the record button will grab as many images as it can (based on the update intervals) for the set recording_duration

Note: This functionality is not available in native app versions (iOS & Android) and depends on the browser/device's ability to download image files.

Motion entities

Cameras can automatically be set to foccussed when motion is detected from the associated motion entities.

motion_entity can either be a single entity ID or a list of multiple entity IDs.

Note: The entities don't necessarily need to be motion sensors, they just need to be a binary sensor that is triggered when in the "on" state. E.g. a door sensor could also be used.

  - title: Surveillance
    icon: mdi:cctv
      - type: custom:surveillance-card
          - entity: camera.front_porch
            motion_entity: binary_sensor.front_porch_motion
          - entity: camera.back_yard
            - binary_sensor.back_yard_motion
            - binary_sensor.back_yard_gate


Thanks to all the people who have contributed!