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Fully Interactive Cards  -   New!

  • Single-click or touch navigation directly to TV Episodes or Movies on Plex, Radarr, and Sonarr Web interfaces. This feature leverages the new deep_link attribute from Plex Recently Added, Radarr Upcoming Media, and Sonarr Upcoming Media, Integrations.

    ◉ Video Demo:

  • New url: card setting, for example, url: to make the entire card clickable with a single URL. Note, this feature takes precidence over deep_link clickable TV episodes and movies.

Transparency Effect  -   New!

  • Activate with enable_transparency: true for a transparent gradient effect instead of the default opaque gradient background.


Poster View Fan Art View
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1

Requires a custom-component:
This card will only work if you've installed one of the custom-component's below to feed it.

Current custom-components for this card:

Component Author
CouchPotato youdroid
Emby_Upcoming_Media gcorgnet
Kodi Recently Added boralyl
Mylar DarkSir23
Plex Recently Added mayker
Radarr Upcoming Media mayker
SickChill youdroid
Sonarr Upcoming Media mayker
Trakt iantrich


Read through these two resources before posting issues to GitHub or the forums.


  • Poster and Fan Art views
  • All text can have its contents, color, and size customized.
  • Most design elements can be hidden or have their color changed.
  • 12 or 24 hour display for times and month/day or day/month for dates.
  • Indicator flag with customizable mdi icon and color.
  • Can limit the number of episodes/movies shown.
  • Uses responsive design to scale elegantly


  • Install the custom component by following it's instructions.
  • Install this card by copying upcoming-media-card.js to your www/custom-lovelace/ folder. If you're copy/pasting the code always copy from raw files on github (button on top right when viewing code).
  • Include it in its own folder like so: www/custom-lovelace/upcoming-media-card/upcoming-media-card.js

This goes into ui-lovelace.yaml under "resources:"

- url: /local/custom-lovelace/upcoming-media-card/upcoming-media-card.js?v=0.1.1
  type: js

This goes into one of your views under "cards:" in the same file

  - type: custom:upcoming-media-card
    entity: sensor.sonarr_upcoming_media

If you're not updating using tracker-card and/or custom-updater be sure that you are adding to a version number at the end of your lovelace resources when you update your cards, like so:

- url: /local/custom-lovelace/upcoming-media-card/upcoming-media-card.js?v=0.1.2
  type: js

You may need to have javascript_version: latest in your configuration.yaml under frontend:.


This card has many customization options, but none are required to use the card. The card is fully functional with minimal configuration, like the installation example above.

Main Config:

type string REQUIRED custom:upcoming-media-card
entity string REQUIRED The entity id of the custom component. Example sensor.sonarr_upcoming_media
title string optional Title displayed at top of card.
date string mmdd How to display dates. If the date were September 24th: "date: ddmm" would be 24/09 and "date: mmdd" would be 09/24
clock number 12 Display times as either 12 hour "clock: 12" or 24 hour "clock: 24"
max number 5 Maximum number of items to show.
image_style string poster There are currently two different styles for the card:poster and fanart.
hide_empty boolean false Hide card when there are no episodes to show.
hide_flagged boolean false Hide items that get an indicator flag. Useful to hide downloaded episodes for sonarr/radarr components.
hide_unflagged boolean false Hide items that don't have an indicator flag. Useful to hide watched items for plex component.
flag boolean true Display or hide indicator flag.
text_shadows boolean true Display or hide shadows behind text.
box_shadows boolean true Display or hide shadows behind objects.
all_shadows boolean no default Turns both text and object shadows on or off.
enable_transparency boolean false Turns on gradient transparency effect
url string no default Makes entire card clickable with specified hyperlink.

Style Options:

Defalts set by component Defaults set by component The text contents for the line. More info below.
Text size for each line. small, medium, or large
line_size no default no default Text size of lines below title. More info below.
The color of each line. Any valid CSS color. Hex values must be in quotes.
line_color no default no default Color of lines below title. Any valid CSS color. Hex values must be in quotes. More info below.
border_color '#fff' '#000' Color of the outside border in fanart view and border around image in poster view.
accent_color var(--primary-color) '#000' Color of the ribbon in poster view and background in fanart view.
flag_color var(--primary-color) var(--primary-color) Changes the color of indicator flag.
icon Default set by component Default set by component Changes the icon in the indicator flag, uses mdi icons. "icon: mdi:arrow-down"
Set "icon: none" to hide.
icon_color var(--primary-color) var(--primary-color) Changes the color of the icon in the indicator flag.

Text color options can be any valid CSS value. This includes color names like red, rgb values like rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.6), variable names for HA like var(--primary-color), hex values like '#ff6347', you can even use transparent. If using hex values, encase in quotes. This is the only time quotes are required in the cards configuration.

There are 2 space saving configuration options: line_color and line_size. These two options affect all lines of text below the title. These options can be overwritten as well. For example: if you set line_color: white and line2_color: blue then lines 1 & 3 will be white while line 2 will be blue.

Text Content:

You can build your own strings for each line of text, including title by using keywords. Each keyword is replaced with its relevant content, listed below. Encase this option in quotes.

$title All Item's title
$release All A formatted version of the release time from the component. Particularly helpful for displaying different kinds of releases. Radarr for instance needs to distinguish between theater releases and physical releases. Radarr's release changes dynamically and is "In Theaters $day, $date" if theater release and more than a week away or "Available $day" if physical release and within a week.
$episode TV Only Episode Title
$number TV Only Season and episode number "S01E05"
$genres All List of genres
$rating All Rating of episode, source depends on component
$studio All Production Studio
$day All Day of "release" (release date, download date, etc.) depending on component. This item changes from long form if within a week "Monday" to short form "Mon" if further than a week.
$date All Date of release or download, etc., depending on component. Formatted with "date" in config.
$time All* Time of release or download. * Movies generally dont have a time for release.
$aired Plex Date that the media item originally aired.
$runtime All Displays runtime as either "01:23" for > an hour and "23 min" otherwise.
$empty All Displays line as empty space. Useful to create a break in the lines that can be sized.

You can add in custom text to your string, only keywords are replaced. As an example you could add this to your config line1_text: 'Runtime: $runtime' to have line one display as "Runtime: 01:30". You can use as many keywords in your string as you like, you're only limited by what will fit. In some cases a keyword can return nothing, like when using radarr and a movie is in theaters. Occasionally not all info has been released yet, causing something like runtime to be empty. This isn't a problem when it's the only keyword in a line as the card just hides the line, but it can be an issue when you're using multiple keywords in a line. In this case you can use a hyphen to seperate the them. line1_text: 'Rating: $rating - Runtime: $runtime - $number' will display as "Rating: ★ 7.1 - Runtime: 01:23 - S01E09" when all are available or "Rating: ★ 7.1 - S01E09" if runtime is not.


If you'd like to make your own component to feed the upcoming media card:

  1. Component needs an attribute named "data" that contains a JSON string or OBJ.
  2. The first item in your JSON must contain these keys to set your defaults: title_default, line1_default, line2_default, line3_default, line4_default, and icon. The default text contents are set exactly like the card's text content config and use the same keywords. The default icon takes an mdi icon mdi:arrow-down.
  3. Each item must contain an 'airdate', if none exists the item is skipped. This and a poster image are the only required items.
  4. If an included item is null it needs to be an empty string in the JSON ''.
  5. Items should be in descending order according to 'airdate'.
  6. Be aware that the card strips parentheses and anything contained in them. This is to remove things like (US). Since we can see the art for the show/movie there is no need for that info.

JSON items:

airdate Must be UTC ISO 8601 format. Example 2018-10-25T01:00:00Z. This is how the card creates date, day, and time. Doesn't have to be air date, just a date associated with the item. It could be download date for example.
title Item's title
release This is a formatted version of the release time from the component. Particularly helpful for displaying different kinds of releases. Radarr for instance needs to distinguish between theater releases and physical releases, so 'release' is changed dynamically by the component and is "In Theaters $day, $date" if theater release and more than a week away or "Available $day" if physical release and within a week.
episode Episode Title
number Season and episode number "S01E05"
season_num Season number only
episode_num Episode number only
genres List of genres
rating Rating of item
studio Producing Studio
aired When media originally aired, useful for when airdate is set as download date etc.
runtime Must be number of minutes as integer, the card then formats as needed.
poster Direct link to items poster image
fanart Direct link to items fanart image. If fanart is an empty string the card will zoom in and shift the poster image as a fallback.
flag Display indicator or not, boolean.
deep_link direct URL link to respective TV Episode or Movie on Plex, Radarr, Sonarr.

Example from Sonarr component with 3 episodes. Notice the defaults set in first item

[{"title_default": "$title", "line1_default": "$episode", "line2_default": "$release", "line3_default": "$rating - $runtime", "line4_default": "$number - $studio", "icon": "mdi:arrow-down-bold-circle"}, {"title": "Modern Family", "episode": "Good Grief", "flag": false, "airdate": "2018-10-25T01:00:00Z", "number": "S10E05", "runtime": 25, "studio": "ABC (US)", "rating": "\u2605 8.8", "release": "$day, $date $time", "poster": "", "fanart": "", "genres": "Comedy"}, {"title": "American Horror Story", "episode": "Traitor", "flag": false, "airdate": "2018-10-25T02:00:00Z", "number": "S08E07", "runtime": 45, "studio": "FX (US)", "rating": "\u2605 8.4", "release": "$day, $date $time", "poster": "", "fanart": "", "genres": "Drama, Horror, Thriller"}, {"title": "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "episode": "Charlie's Home Alone", "flag": false, "airdate": "2018-10-25T02:00:00Z", "number": "S13E08", "runtime": 25, "studio": "FXX", "rating": "\u2605 9.1", "release": "$day, $date $time", "poster": "", "fanart": "", "genres": "Comedy"}]

Please inform me if you create one and I'll add it to the list.
Include what your components defaults are in the components readme.
If you need special styling or edits to the card to accomidate your component, just ask or submit a PR.



📺 A card to display upcoming episodes and movies from services like: Plex, Kodi, Radarr, Sonarr, and Trakt.






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