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A platform which allows you to get information about sucessfull logins to Home Assistant.
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A platform which allows you to get information successful logins to Home Assistant.

To get started put /custom_components/authenticated/ here:
<config directory>/custom_components/authenticated/

Example configuration.yaml:

  - platform: authenticated

Configuration variables:

key required default description
platform yes The sensor platform name.
enable_notification no true Turn on/off persistant_notifications when a new IP is detected, can be true/false.
exclude no A list of IP addresses you want to exclude.
provider no 'ipapi' The provider you want to use for GEO Lookup, 'ipapi', 'extreme', 'ipvigilante'.
log_location no Full path to the logfile.

Sample overview:
Sample overview

If a new IP is detected, it will be added to a .ip_authenticated.yaml file in your configdir, with this information:
  city: Mountain View
  country: US
  last_authenticated: '2018-07-26 09:27:01'
  previous_authenticated_time: '2018-07-26 09:27:01'
  region: california

If not disabled, you will also be presented with a persistent_notification about the event:

Debug logging

In your configuration.yaml

  default: warn
    custom_components.sensor.authenticated: debug

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