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custom_component to update custom_cards

No more updates are added to this component, use this instead:

A component which allows you to update your custom_cards automatically and monitor their versions from the UI. It exposes three services: custom_cards.update_all, custom_cards.update_single and custom_cards.check_all.

To get the best use for this card, use together with tracker-card\

⚠️ This wil ONLY work if your cards if from:


To get started put /custom_components/
here: <config directory>/custom_components/

Example configuration

In your configuration.yaml:


Debug logging

In your configuration.yaml

  default: warn
    custom_components.custom_cards: debug

Update single card

You can update a single card by passing which card you want to update to the custom_cards.update_single service.

From dev-service

Service: custom_cards.update_single

Service Data:

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