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nordpool sensor for ha.
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nordpool custom component for home assistant


Set up the sensor using the webui or use a yaml.

The sensors tries to set some sane default so a minimal setup can be

  - platform: nordpool
    region: "Kr.sand" # This can be skipped if you want Kr.sand

in configuration.yaml


  - platform: nordpool

    # Should the prices include vat? Default True
    VAT: True

    # What currency the api fetches the prices in
    # this is only need if you want a sensor in a non local currecy
    currency: "EUR"

    # Helper so you can set your "low" price
    # low_price = hour_price < average * low_price_cutoff
    low_price_cutoff: 0.95

    # What power regions your are interested in.
    # Possible values: "DK1", "DK2", "FI", "LT", "LV", "Oslo", "Kr.sand", "Bergen", "Molde", "Tr.heim", "Tromsø", "SE1", "SE2", "SE3","SE4", "SYS", "EE"
    region: "Kr.sand"

    # How many decimals to use in the display of the price
    precision: 3 

    # What the price should be displayed in default
    # Possible values: MWh, kWh and W
    # default: kWh
    price_type: kWh

    friendly_name: "Power"

run the create_template script if you want one sensors for each hour. See the help options with python create_template --help you can run the script anyhere python is installed. (install the required packages pyyaml and click using pip install packagename)

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