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nordpool custom component for home assistant


Option 1: HACS

Under HACS -> Integrations, select "+", search for nordpool and install it.

Option 2: Manual

From the latest release

cd YOUR_HASS_CONFIG_DIRECTORY    # same place as configuration.yaml
mkdir -p custom_components/nordpool
cd custom_components/nordpool


Set up the sensor using the webui or use a yaml.

The sensors tries to set some sane default so a minimal setup can be

  - platform: nordpool
    region: "Kr.sand" # This can be skipped if you want Kr.sand

in configuration.yaml


  - platform: nordpool

    # Should the prices include vat? Default True
    VAT: True

    # What currency the api fetches the prices in
    # this is only need if you want a sensor in a non local currecy
    currency: "EUR"

    # Helper so you can set your "low" price
    # low_price = hour_price < average * low_price_cutoff
    low_price_cutoff: 0.95

    # What power regions your are interested in.
    # Possible values: "DK1", "DK2", "FI", "LT", "LV", "Oslo", "Kr.sand", "Bergen", "Molde", "Tr.heim", "Tromsø", "SE1", "SE2", "SE3","SE4", "SYS", "EE"
    region: "Kr.sand"

    # How many decimals to use in the display of the price
    precision: 3

    # What the price should be displayed in default
    # Possible values: MWh, kWh and Wh
    # default: kWh
    price_type: kWh

    # This option allows the usage of a template to add a tariff.
    # now() always refers start of the hour of that price.
    # this way we can calculate the correct costs add that to graphs etc.
    # The price result of the additional_costs template expects this additional cost to be in kWh and not cents as a float
    # default {{0.0|float}}
    additional_costs: "{{0.0|float}}"

# Tariff example
'{% set s = {
    "hourly_fixed_cost": 0.5352,
    "winter_night": 0.265,
    "winter_day": 0.465,
    "summer_day": 0.284,
    "summer_night": 0.246,
    "cert": 0.01
{% if now().month >= 5 and now().month <11 %}
    {% if now().hour >=6 and now().hour <23 %}
    {% else %}
    {% endif %}
{% else %}
    {% if now().hour >=6 and now().hour <23 %}
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}'

run the create_template script if you want one sensors for each hour. See the help options with python create_template --help you can run the script anyhere python is installed. (install the required packages pyyaml and click using pip install packagename)

Debug loggning

Add this to your configuration.yaml to debug the component.

  default: info
    nordpool: debug
    custom_components.nordpool: debug
    custom_components.nordpool.sensor: debug
    custom_components.nordpool.aio_price: debug