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hassio support for Airthings Wave BLE environmental radon sensor.
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hassio support for Airthings Wave BLE environmental radon sensor.


Much of the code to build this component was inspired by these projects:

The aforementioned radonwave project is especially useful as it describes many of the BLE characteristics specific to this product and has good trouble-shooting tips. The script provided is also very useful in determining the MAC address of your AW device. See here:

Getting started




<config directory>/custom_components/airthings_wave/

Example configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: airthings_wave
    mac: "98:07:2D:4A:97:5C"
    name: 'Basement Airthings Wave'
    scan_interval: 120

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required) The airthings_wave mac address


(string)(Optional) The name of the device. Defaults to 'Airthings Wave'


(string)(Optional) The interval between polls. Defaults to 300 seconds (5 minutes)


It may be possible that the Wave must be connected to the official app at least once before you can use this program, so you will probably not get around registering an account with Airthings.

The radon level history stored on the Wave itself cannot be accessed with this component. To get around this, it connects regularly to the radon detector.

Make sure you install the latest firmware on the device using the official app first.

Known Issues

Hardware Requirements

Other Resources

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