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Plex Recently Added Component

Home Assistant component to feed Upcoming Media Card with Plex's recently added media.
This component does not require, nor conflict with, the default Plex components.


Read through these two resources before posting issues to GitHub or the forums.

Supporting Development


  1. Install this component by copying these files to custom_components/plex_recently_added/.
  2. Install the card: Upcoming Media Card
  3. Add the code to your configuration.yaml using the config options below.
  4. Add the code for the card to your ui-lovelace.yaml.
  5. You will need to restart after installation for the component to start working.


key default required description
name Plex_Recently_Added no Name of the sensor. Useful to make multiple sensors with different libraries.
token yes Your Plex token (Find your Plex token)
host localhost yes The host Plex is running on.
port 32400 yes The port Plex is running on.
ssl false no Set to true if you use SSL to access Plex.
max 5 no Max number of items to show in sensor.
on_deck False no Set to true to show "on deck" items.
download_images true no Setting this to false will turn off downloading of images, but will require certain Plex settings to work. See below.
img_dir '/upcoming-media-card-images/plex/' no This option allows you to choose a custom directory to store images in if you enable download_images. Directory must start and end with a /.
ssl_cert false no If you provide your own SSL certificate in Plex's network settings set this to true.
section_types movie, show no Allows you to specify which section types to consider [movie, show].
image_resolution 200 no Allows you to change the resolution of the generated images (in px), useful to display higher quality images as a background somewhere.
exclude_keywords no Allows you to specify a list of keywords to be exclude from the sensor if in the title.

By default this addon automatically downloads images from Plex to your /www/custom-lovelace/upcoming-media-card/ directory. The directory is automatically created & only images reported in the upcoming list are downloaded. Images are small in size and are removed automatically when no longer needed. Currently & unfortunately, this may not work on all systems.

If you prefer to not download the images you may set download_images to false, but you either have to set "Secure connections" to "preferred" or "disabled" (no SSL) or have a custom certificate set (these options are found in your Plex server's network settings). This is needed because the default SSL certificate supplied by Plex is for their own domain and not for your Plex server. Your server also needs to be "fully accessible outside your network" if you wish to be able to see images remotely. If your Plex server provides it's own certificate you only need to set ssl_cert to true and download_images to false.

Do not just copy examples, please use config options above to build your own!

Sample for minimal config needed in configuration.yaml:

    - platform: plex_recently_added
      token: YOUR_PLEX_TOKEN
      port: 32400

Sample for ui-lovelace.yaml:

    - type: custom:upcoming-media-card
      entity: sensor.plex_recently_added
      title: Recently Downloaded

Multiple sensor sample for configuration.yaml:

  - platform: plex_recently_added
    name: Recently Added Movies # will create sensor.recently_added_movies
    token: !secret token
    host: !secret host
    port: 32400
      - movie

  - platform: plex_recently_added
    name: Recently Added TV  # will create sensor.recently_added_tv
    token: !secret token
    host: !secret host
    port: 32400
      - show
      - Walking dead
      - kardashians

*Currently genres, rating, and studio only work for Movies

Card Content Defaults

key default example
title $title "The Walking Dead"
line1 $episode "What Comes After"
line2 $day, $date $time "Monday, 10/31 10:00 PM" Displays time of download.
line3 $number - $rating - $runtime "S01E12 - ★ 9.8 - 01:30"
line4 $genres "Action, Adventure, Comedy"
icon mdi:eye-off


▶️ Plex component to feed Upcoming Media Card.



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