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🍻 Untappd Integration
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Get Untappd last badge, check-in, wishlist and more in Home Assistant use the list-card by iantrich to display your wishlist in Lovelace.

To get started put /custom_components/untappd/ here: <config directory>/custom_components/untappd/

Example configuration.yaml:

  - platform: untappd
    username: average_joe
    id: FSDJLKHDF786287UGHLE
    secret: FJKSDLHKS8337R6948F

Configuration variables:

key description
platform (Required) untappd
id (Required) Your Untappd API id.
secret (Required) Your Untappd API secret.
username (Required) The username of the Untappd user, you want updates for.

You will need to apply for an API from Untappd to use this.

Due to how custom_components are loaded, it is normal to see a ModuleNotFoundError error on first boot after adding this, to resolve it, restart Home-Assistant.

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