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A sensor that give you information from
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custom_component to get info from

A platform which allows you to get information from

Breaking change

On December 25 2019, this custom_component was rewritten to use a more modern API to get alerts. At the same time the configuration and storing of alert data was changed.

To find your zone go to, click the PDF or JPG for your state, then find your Zone number on the map.

To get started put all the files from /custom_components/weatheralerts/ here: <config directory>/custom_components/weatheralerts/

Example configuration.yaml:

  platform: weatheralerts
  state: CA
  zone: "560"

If your zone starts with the number 0 you need to wrap quotes around it, or just skip the first 0 (so 010, should be "010" or 10)

Configuration variables:

key description
platform (Required) The platform name.
state (Required) Two letter code for your state ex.("CA" for California).
zone (Required) 3 number code of the zone you want to monitor ex. "560"

Sample overview

Sample overview


Sample overview

When there are alerts, the information about them are stored in a list in the attributes. The content of that list can be used in automation templates, template sensors and a good amount of custom Lovelace cards.

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