Adds mailchimp integration to SilverStripe, eventually inside a widget
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MailChimp subscription form

Customizable mailchimp subscribtion form. Simply put the form into your template, and eventually customize it through a .ss template file. It could also be injected into a widget, or used inside a page through the MailChimpExtension extension.

Maintainer Contact

Sam Sehnert []


  • Customizable form template
  • Subscription widget form
  • Static function callable from outside

Warning! Version 2.0 is not compatible with 1.* configuration. Page extension now is MailChimpExtension (no more MailChip)


  • Silverstripe framework ~3.1
  • Silverstripe cms ~3.1


  • silverstripe/widget
  • zirak/widget-pages-extension


Install it through composer:

	composer require customd/silverstripe-mailchimp

Using the form

From everywhere in your template you can render your form

<div id="mailchimp-form">

You can eventually also override the default template, just add a in themes/mytheme/template/Includes:

<form $FormAttributes>

			<div class="input-append newsLatterBox text-center">
				<% if $Fields.dataFieldByName(Email).Message %><span class="message $Fields.dataFieldByName(Email).MessageType">$Fields.dataFieldByName(Email).Message</span><% end_if %>
				$Fields.dataFieldByName(Email).addExtraClass(full).addExtraClass(text-center).setAttribute(placeholder, Email)
				<button class="btn  bg-gray" type="submit"> Registrati <i class="fa fa-long-arrow-right"> </i> </button>


Using in a page

Extend the Page class (or whatever class you want to use) whit the MailChimp extension:

Name: mailchimp-extensions
    - MailChimpExtension

Then render the $MailChimpSubscribeForm variable inside your template:

<% include SideBar %>
<div class="content-container unit size3of4 lastUnit">
		<div class="content">$Content</div>

Using inside a widget

Simply use the MailChimpSubscribe widget as usual documentation here

Using inside a widget with widget-pages-extension

Define the widgetareas in your pages, like stated in widget-pages-extension module After that define which widget are allowed for your pages, in particular MailChimpSubscribe.

For example your Page.php will become

class Page extends SiteTree {

	private static $db = array(
	private static $has_one = array(
			'SideBar' => 'WidgetArea'
	private static $allowed_widgets = array(


Run a /dev/build?flush=all and enjoy your widgets. Due to a known issue in widget-pages-extension you have to save each page you will need to put the widgets on. For more information about how to use the widgets please see the widget-pages-extension module documentations


  • Configure your MailChimp APIKEY and ListID
  • Enable the widget
  • Play with the mailchimp.yml config file in your mysite folder, in conjunction with the MailChimp configurations. Follow a sample mailchimp.yml
Name: mailchimp
  #apikey - see
  apikey: API-KEY
  # A List Id to run examples against. use lists() to view all
  # Also, login to MC account, go to List, then List Tools, and look for the List ID entry
  listid: LIST-ID
  redirect: true
  redirect_ok: 'reg-ok/'
  redirect_ko: 'reg-ko/'
  country: true
  topics: true
  topicsArr: ['Web development', 'Sysadmin', 'PHP', 'Javascript', 'HTML & CSS']
  otherTopic: true