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GreenScreen is a build monitoring tool that is designed to be used as a dynamic Big Visible Chart (BVC) in your work area. It lets you add links to your build servers and displays the largest possible information on a monitor so that the team can see the build status from anywhere in the room.

This cookbook configures a node to run one or more GreenScreen applications. The cookbook uses CustomInk's clone of the original GreenScreen project.



  • add an 'end' that was missing from the default recipe.


  • Changes based on Foodcritic recommendations:
    • Use strings in preference to symbols to access node attributes.
    • Avoid repetition of resource declarations (combine git clone and rake init step)


  • Fix a bug with the config template that was not properly handling explicit jobs or jobs to ignore


  • Fix a bug with the default attributes
  • No longer do a git pull with each chef run, this was causing failures when the config.yml was updated.



Opscode Cookbooks (

  • git


  • greenscreen/install_dir - Location where the GreenScreen app will run
  • greenscreens - An array of GreenScreen configuration parameters. One entry per GreenScreen
  • greenscreens/name - The name of this GreenScreen
  • greenscreens/port - The port used by this GreenScreen
  • greenscreens/servers - An array of servers that this GreenScreen should watch. One entry per server
  • greenscreens/servers/url - The URL for this build server
  • greenscreens/servers/username - The login for this server
  • greenscreens/servers/password - The password for this server
  • greenscreens/servers/jobs - Array of jobs to look after. Leave empty to watch all jobs on this server
  • greenscreens/servers/ignore_jobs - Array of jobs to ignore. Leave empty to watch all jobs on this server


Include the greenscreen recipe to install, configure, and run one or more GreenScreen applications

include_recipe "greenscreen"

Or add it to your role, or directly to a node's recipes.