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Meetups organization, user groups, etc

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SetupMeetup TODO/Thoughts/Planning

Everyone is welcome to append to this file.

Use cases

Sign up/in/out

  • Guest can sign up with Google, Vkontakte, Github, Twitter, Facebook
  • Registered user can sign in
  • Signed in user can sign out


  • Signed in user can create a user group
  • Signed in User can join user group
  • Group user can leave his group
  • Group owner cannot leave his group
  • Group owner can delete user group


  • Group user can create events
  • Event owner can delete event


  • Event participants and event possible participats receive the following notifications:
    • a week before the event
    • and a 1 day before the event
    • notification about changed date or time or place
    • notifications about deleted event
  • All group users receive email notifications and invitation to the event, when new event is created

Base entities

  • User: name, email
  • UserGroup: name, owner(User), users, events
  • Event: name, date, time, place, owner(User), user_group, participants, possible_participants

Nice to have

  • Discussions through email like in Google Groups
  • Syntax highlight
  • Videos/images in posts
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