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SketchI18N is multi-language plugin for

Chinese Simplified

Language Support

  • 简体中文 (Chinese Simplified) - cute, utom, Pluwen and kokdemo
  • 繁體中文 (Chinese Traditional) - Pluwen, Zih-Hong
  • Deutsche (German) (98% Finished) - Markus Gerke, huangyuxin
  • 日本語 (Japanese) (74% Finished) - littlebusters
  • Français (French) (55% Finished) - Luc
  • русский (Russian) (19% Finished) - Jojo
  • 한국어 (Korean) (1% Finished) - Oasis

Translation Project

  • Visit POEditor to contribute your mother language.

Install with Sketch Runner

With Sketch Runner, just go to the install command and search for Sketch I18N. Runner allows you to manage plugins and do much more to speed up your workflow in Sketch. Download Runner here.

Sketch Runner screenshot

Manual Installation

  1. Download the ZIP file with the SketchI18N and unzip
  2. Open the SketchI18N.sketchplugin