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Assets 5

Music21 v. 5 beta 1 (5.0.6b1) is also a release candidate -- except for bug fixes, I do not expect to make any changes to music21 v.5 between here and the final release.

Note again: music21 v.5 is Python 3 only. Use v.4 for Python 2.7.

Changes since Alpha 2:

  • braille -- accented characters translate to braille
  • features -- many jSymbolic Feature Extractors match the spec more closely (thanks to Micah W. for the patches). Expect more of these improvements throughout the v.5 lifecycle.
  • Bach chorales -- improvements to naming and texts. Expect more of these improvements throughout v.5. Thank you to Dr. Norman Schmidt for these.
  • Improvements and fixes in -- thanks to Ryaan Ahmed
  • More objects can be hidden with "hideObjectOnPrint"
  • Joplin, Maple Leaf Rag added to corpus
  • Guitar and other fretboards supported. Thanks to Luke Poeppel
  • Improvements to IPython/music21j MIDI
  • Added stream alignment tools in alpha.analysis. Thanks to Emily Zhang
  • docs for Stream.insertAndShift improved greatly.
  • separate zip file for docs.