CFQueryReader is a custom ExtJS component for reading the native JSON serialization of a ColdFusion query object.
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NOTE: A new CFQueryReader, supporting Ext5, is available in an ExtJS5 branch.

The CFQueryReader directory should be setup as a site root for testing. 
All pathing relates to this folder as the site root. You will require
the ColdFusion 8 or higher Development server to properly call the CFC,
and thecfartgallery datasource (part of the demo applications).

The examples use the 'blog' MySQL datasource that is included in the 
'db' folder.

ColdFusion Download page

There are now two separate query reader files. One is for versions of ExtJS
prior to version 4. There were tested with Ext 2.x and Ext 3.x. The latest
supports Ext 4.x, and has been tested through 4.1 RC2.

Ext JS Downloads

Minified files of the readers are located in the build, each at 2K in size.
Full usage is detailed in the comments of each file.

You can see the active demos at our site: