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A WordPress theme for multimedia storytelling. It is an open source tool to build stories that are based on images or videos. You can combine big images and videos with texts and embeddable content to create visually attractive stories.

The main goal of Storyteller is to make publishing a multimedia story as easy as possible. That is why additional help sections and documentation are included in the theme.

How does a story look like?

Look at the demo to get an idea of the look and feel of Storyteller. Basically, there are slides that are combined to a story. demo of Storyteller


  • Create Slides as individual posts
  • Combine them via categories called stories
  • Deletes not needed menu pages in WordPress backend
  • Options page to set fonts

Technical Stuff

Storyteller is built on WordPress. It is integrated as a theme, but it does far more than just changing a website's design. It simplifies the WordPress backend, too, in order to offer a simple and hopefully mostly self-explaining interface. It uses FitVids.js and Backstretch.js for full screen images and videos. _s is used as a starting point.


  • A fresh installation of WordPress
  • Install the Storyteller theme + the AddQuicktag-Plugin, where you should import this json-file at the bottom of AddQuicktag's settings page.

To do

  • Option for individual width for text
  • Write a FAQ/docs
  • Sharing options
  • Option to scroll rather than click
  • better video integration


Version 1.0

  • Initial release


A WordPress theme for multimedia storytelling



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