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Maps on a Stick

Maps on a Stick is a lightweight mapping solution for mobile, unplugged maps.

MapBox tilesets (.mbtiles), KML, GeoRSS, and KMZ files are supported.

Using Maps on a Stick

  1. Download the main maps on a stick application
  2. Run on Macintosh or Start MapBox.bat on Windows


Add map tiles by dropping .mbtiles, .kml, and .kmz (Google Earth) files into the Maps/ folder or specifying a URL in the interface, or uploading files with the web interface.

KMZ Support

Maps on a Stick, unlike bare OpenLayers, supports KMZ files, by simulating their unpacking and using a special KMZ format type to prefix paths so that they resolve. This has only been tested with Icons.

Requirements (Running)

Mac & Windows

  • An .mbtiles mapfile
  • Maps on a Stick

Requirements (Building)

These are not required for simply running Maps on a Stick: the downloadable distributions are self-contained




  • launcher Lua code and included resources (icons and shell scripts) for the launcher application
  • launcher_dist Distribution files to polish the Mac application bundle for the launcher
  • mapsonastick The Maps on a Stick server module in Python
  • dist, build Working directories for packaging the application as an executable


  • This work is distributed under the GPL license, (c) 2010, Development Seed
  • Löve: zlib
  • Flask: BSD
  • py2app: MIT
  • pyexe: MIT