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@@ -3,3 +3,51 @@ Trevni is a column-oriented file-format.
The Trevni specification is published at:
+Java Implementation
+Currently only a Java implementation exists. Other implementations
+are encouraged.
+The Java implementation has a low-level API in the trevni-core module,
+with classes in the package org.apache.trevni.
+A higher-level API based on Avro is included in the trevni-avro
+module, with classes in the package org.apache.trevni.avro. This
+includes a Hadoop OutputFormat and InputFormat. One may write data
+for an Avro schema to a Trevni file using the output format in a
+MapReduce job. Then one may efficiently read a subset of that Schema
+in subsequent MapReduce jobs.
+For example, if one has a large schema with many complex fields, but
+has a job that only requires access to a few of those fields, one can
+delete everything but the desired fields from the schema and use that
+subset schema to read the data. Avro also supports subsetting, but it
+must scan through the skipped fields, while, as a column format,
+Trevni will only read data from disk for the fields that are desired.
+Some command-line tools for dumping Trevni files as JSON are provided
+in the trevni-tools module.
+ - Java 6 or higher, Java 7 preferred
+ - Maven
+ - Git
+To get the code:
+ git clone git://
+To build the javadoc:
+ cd trevni
+ mvn test -DskipTests javadoc:aggregate
+ firefox target/site/apidocs/index.html
+To build and run the command-line tools:
+ cd trevni
+ mvn -DskipTests package
+ java -jar java/tool/target/trevni-tools-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
+The tests provide some examples of uses.
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@ Arrays
- add tests for ToJson tool
Integration with other tools:
-- add Hadoop InputFormat & OutputFormat
- implement Protobuf record shredder
- implement Thrift record shredder
@@ -22,11 +22,11 @@
-The current implementation does not correctly handle all data types.
+The current implementation does not correctly handle all Avro data.
In particular:
- <li>The <b>map</b> type is not yet supported.</li>
+ <li>Recursive types are not supported.</li>
<li>With ReflectData, fields of Java type <b>byte</b>, <b>short</b>
and <b>char</b> are not supported. Instead use int. </li>
<li>With ReflectData, Java arrays are not supported. Instead use

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