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Sometimes you need to run an async method like fetching data from an API or something on I/O. Since we're rendering react on the server (node context) we won’t have access to any of the life cycle hooks react offers. So running something in async UNSAFE_componentWillMount() won’t do us any good as the tainting of the method name already hints at. And running componentWillMount() won’t ever execute. So much like NextJS, Cuttlebelle has a method you can run that will be executed before we generate the HTML. Declare the static method getInitialProps in your component and and whatever is returned will be added to your props.

💡 Make sure you return an object from getInitialProps or the props will get mashed together.

A typical case could look like this:

import React, { Component } from 'react';

class GetData extends Component {
  static async getInitialProps( props ) {
    const data = await FetchMyDataFromSomewhere( props._ID );
    return { data };

  render() {
    return (
        My Data: { }

export default GetData;

Inside your render method you now have access to whatever was returned from getInitialProps. In this case an object with the key data.

The getInitialProps method will get all default props passed in.

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