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Because you’re generating a static site, relative links are important so that if you move your site to another root folder, all links still work. To help you manage this problem, Cuttlebelle exposes a default prop called _relativeURL(). This function takes two parameters: The URL you want to link to and your current ID of the page.

import React, { Fragment } from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';

 * A test component
const Test = ({ _body, _relativeURL, _ID }) => (
    Relatively speaking the page I want to send you to is at:
    { _relativeURL( '/some/page/deep/within', _ID) }

export default Test;

This will render a different path depending on what page you’re on. Try using this as much as you can including when you reference stylesheets or other resources.

Our cheat-sheet has even a custom render function that will apply this function to all markdown links as well.

module.exports = exports = function renderer({ Marked, _relativeURL, _ID }) { = ( href, title, text ) => {
      !href.startsWith('http://') &&
      !href.startsWith('https://') &&
      !href.startsWith('#') &&
      typeof _relativeURL === 'function'
    ) {
      href = _relativeURL( href, _ID );

    return `<a href="${ href }"${ title ? ` title="${ title }"` : '' }>${ text }</a>`;

  return Marked;

More on how to extend markdown a little further below.