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multiprocess combination of and in order to write tiles directly into Mbtiles dbase
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gdal2mbtiles: Python-based tools for creating OGC MBTiles.

MBTiles Specification [RU], [EN]


  • Combination of multiprocess gdal2tiles and mbutil in order to write tiles directly into Mbtiles database.
  • Writing tiles without transitional (temporary) storage on disk
  • Works in both ways: as CLI script and from interface. Just launch from gui


Basic Usage

python input_file [options] -z min_zoom - maxzoom output.mbtiles

gdal2mbtiles --help to see list of available options:

--version (Doesn't work) show program's version number and exit

-h, --help show this help message and exit

-p PROFILE, --profile=PROFILE Tile cutting profile (mercator,geodetic,raster) - default 'mercator' (Google Maps compatible)

-r RESAMPLING, --resampling=RESAMPLING Resampling method (average,near,bilinear,cubic,cubicsp line,lanczos,antialias) - default 'average'

-s SRS, --s_srs=SRS The spatial reference system used for the source input data

-z ZOOM, --zoom=ZOOM Zoom levels to render (format:'2-5' or '10').

-e, --resume Resume mode. Generate only missing files.

-a NODATA, --srcnodata=NODATA NODATA transparency value to assign to the input data --processes=PROCESSES Number of concurrent processes (defaults to the number of cores in the system)

-v, --verbose Print status messages to stdout

Web viewer options:

Options for generated HTML viewers a la Google Maps

`-w WEBVIEWER, --webviewer=WEBVIEWER`
                    Web viewer to generate
                    (all,google,openlayers,leaflet,index,metadata,none) -
                    default 'all'
`-t TITLE, --title=TITLE`
                    Title of the map
`-c COPYRIGHT, --copyright=COPYRIGHT`
                    Copyright for the map
`-g GOOGLEKEY, --googlekey=GOOGLEKEY`
                    Google Maps API key from
`-y YAHOOKEY, --yahookey=YAHOOKEY`
                    Yahoo Application ID from

Config options:

Options for config parameters

`-x, --auxfiles`      Generate aux.xml files.

                    Image format for output tiles. Just PNG and JPEG
                    allowed. PNG is selected by default
                    Format for output cache. Values allowed are tms and
                    xyz, being xyz the default value                       

Example input.tif -z 12-14 -a 0 output.mbtiles

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