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Update (#7)

* Update

Following a couple of complaints on the subject, I've suggested wording to say we can't change short-term products over to a different vehicle once the policy's been purchased. 

I've suggested tweaking third party rights wording, to take possible travel companions into account. 

The other suggested amendments are very minor ones, with readability in mind.

* Update

I've suggested amending the wording covering TP cards, after a customer complained they used a card in someone else's name, but which related to a joint account they were a party to.

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Minor stylistic adjustments

* Update terms version

* update release date
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robdaviescuvva authored and billinghamj committed Dec 3, 2018
1 parent d1a1e19 commit bc1b22193e4d3f8c2effba0201185e6e73009921
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billinghamj commented on bc1b221 Dec 3, 2018

Commit message should have been: "Terms & conditions v1.4"

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