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JavaScript Implimentation for MessagePack - compact serialization format
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* MessagePack-JS
  JavaScript implimentation for MessagePack serialization format.

** usage

  var $true  = MessagePack.unpack("\xc3");
  alert($true); // true

  var int8   = MessagePack.unpack("\xd0\xc0"));
  alert(int8); // -64

  var fixraw = MessagePack.unpack("\xa1\x61");
  alert(fixraw); // 'a'

  var int32  = MessagePack.unpack("\xd2\xff\xf0\x00\x00");
  alert(int32); // -1048576

** environment
  tested for IE 8.0.6 , Firefox 3.6.3 , Google Chrome 4.1

** see other

  MIT Lisence

** Test
  Test code (tests.html) requires JsUnit
  Benchmark code needs prototype.js
  If you want to test and benchmark msgpack.js,
    please deploy as follows:

        # see jsunit < >

        # see prototype.js < >

  Before you test test_xhr.html, you must start server.rb.
    > ruby server.rb
  server.rb require Ruby MessagePack Library.
  Please install Ruby MessagePack Library:
    > gem install msgpack
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