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- if can? :create, @request
%h2 Conhece alguém que precisa de ajuda?
= form_for @request do |form|
.grid_3.alpha Tipos sanguíneos
- BloodType.all.each do |type|
= check_box_tag "request[blood_type_ids][]",, false, :id => "request_blood_type_ids_#{}"
= label_tag "request_blood_type_ids_#{}",
.grid_3.alpha= form.label :receptor form.text_field :receptor, {:placeholder => "Ex: Nícolas Faccin Iensen"}
.grid_3.alpha= form.label :location form.text_field :location, {:placeholder => "Ex: Hospital Cristo Redentor, Porto Alegre"}
.grid_5.alpha.push_3= form.submit "Pedir ajuda!", :class => "btn_red"
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