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Cucumber-Rally Bridge: a command-line tool to integrate between Cucumber and Rally
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crab: A Cucumber-Rally bridge

crab bridges the gap between stories specified, managed and tracked in Rally and stories that are described and run as automated acceptance and functional tests through Cucumber.

It aims to provide seamless integration between both tools, allowing people to communicate across these without much effort while trying to stay out of the way as much as possible.


crab is distributed as a Ruby Gem. To install it, make sure you are running a recent version of Ruby (1.8.7 and up) and RubyGems (crab was tested against 1.6.2) and then simply issue (where $ is your command prompt):

$ gem install crab

And you should be good to go. To make sure everything is OK, try:

$ crab -h

If you see a help message, everything went fine.


As crab is still in its infancy, it doesn't support very complex workflows, but does the job for the author and his team so far. Help us extend it!

The team wrote a few stories directly in Rally before deciding that writing them straight in Cucumber features would be better suited. Initially, there were concerns around migration of the existing data. Thankfully, that part is easy:

$ crab login -u -p secr3t
Credentials stored for

$ crab project "World Domination 3000"
$ crab story find
US1001: Arms Rockets Upon Successful Boot
US1002: Launches Rockets Upon Command from Evil Mastermind
US1003: Transfers $0.01 From All Bank Accounts

$ crab story find Rockets
US1001: Arms Rockets After Boot
US1002: Launches Rockets Upon Command from Evil Mastermind

$ crab story show US1001
# language: en
# state: grooming
# fetched: 2011-10-04T13:32:35-03:00
# revision: 17, by
Feature: [US1001] Arms Rockets After Boot

  In order to gain bargaining power with Super Hero
  An Evil Mastermind
  Wants visible evidence that the rockets have been armed


Note the comments at the top of the file: language is relevant to Cucumber, but all others are only to help keeping track of revisions and changes.

If there are any test cases associated with that story, they get converted into Cucumber scenarios:

$ crab story show US1001
  # revision: 6, by
  @critical @automated @high
  Scenario: [TC10001] Rocket Silo Is Unlocked
    Given a silo where the rockets are stored
    When I boot the system
    The hatches should unlock


To convert a bunch of stories in one go, this pipe should do the trick:

$ crab story list --iteration "Iteration 7" | cut -f 1 -d : | xargs crab story pull

They will be saved inside ./features/grooming, ./features/defined, etc. The reason for using subdirs named after the status is so that stories can be fleshed out and their scenarios added, moved around and completed without necessarily breaking the build for others.

To see if there have been any changes to a story in Rally, try this:

$ crab story diff features/completed/US1010-safely-dispose-of-evidence.feature

Some data about stories can also be edited straight from the command line. In that sense, crab acts more like a command-line interface to Rally than a bridge between Rally and Cucumber, but the team thought these were very convenient features to have.


$ crab story create "Secure Access to Flying Fortress Controls"
US1004: Secure Access to Flying Fortress Controls (grooming)

Updating and moving:

$ crab story update US1001 --name "Arms Rockets Upon Successful Boot" --state completed
US1001: Arms Rockets Upon Successful Boot (completed)

$ crab story move US1002
US1002: Launches Rockets Upon Command from Evil Mastermind (completed)

$ crab story move US1002
US1002: Launches Rockets Upon Command from Evil Mastermind (accepted)

# eek, found a few problems!
$ crab story move US1002 --back
US1002: Launches Rockets Upon Command from Evil Mastermind (completed)


$ crab story delete US1004 # not in this movie :(
Story US1004 deleted.

It is also possible to create, update and delete test cases inside Rally straight from the command line:

$ crab testcase create US1001 "Rocket Silo Is Unlocked"
US1001/TC1501: Rocket Silo Is Unlocked ()

$ crab testcase update TC1501 --priority critical --risk low
US1001/TC1501: Rocket Silo Is Unlocked (critical low)

$ crab testcase delete TC1501
Test case TC1501 deleted.

There are many more switches. Try exploring crab --help to find out more.

i18n Support

crab uses Gherkin internally, so all languages supported by Cucumber are also included:

$ crab story show US1001 -l ja
# language: jp
# state: grooming
# fetched: 2011-10-04T13:32:35-03:00
# revision: 17, by
機能: [US1001] Arms Rockets Upon Successful Boot
シナリオ: [TC1501] Rocket Silo Is Unlocked
  Given a silo where the rockets are stored

Unfortunately, we could not think of a decent way to translate the steps themselves (see the Given there?), without using Gherkin to parse each step individually and check that it can be used, which seemed a little overkill for now.

Hopefully this will be enough for your case, but if not please let us know!

Bash Completion

crab comes with bash completion support built in. Enable it by running:

$ . "`bundle show crab`/scripts/crab_bash_completion"

Tip: add it to your .rvmrc for effortless joy.


To develop crab, you are going to need Bundler, Aruba and a working Rally account with a project set up where you can edit things. The supplied Gemfile and the cucumber:setup task should take care of everything else:

$ git clone
$ cd crab
$ bundle install
$ rake cucumber:setup
$ rake

If you have any problems, please let us know.


This is still very rudimentary, but you can set CRAB_LOG_LEVEL to one of the constants defined in Logger to see more output for diagnosis. They are:

  • 0: DEBUG
  • 1: INFO
  • 2: WARN
  • 3: ERROR
  • 4: FATAL
  • 5: UNKNOWN

The default is WARN, which should be good enough for most day-to-day usage, but if you are having trouble and would like to submit a bug report, please try again with CRAB_LOG_LEVEL set to 0 or 1:

$ CRAB_LOG_LEVEL=0 crab story show US1001
I, [2011-10-04T02:33:22.795535 #16754]  INFO -- crab: Getting credentials...
I, [2011-10-04T02:33:22.795789 #16754]  INFO -- crab: Connecting to Rally as
I, [2011-10-04T02:33:28.343039 #16754]  INFO -- crab: Looking up story with ID US1001
I, [2011-10-04T02:33:31.861501 #16754]  INFO -- crab: US1001: 1 test case(s) found
I, [2011-10-04T02:33:38.681445 #16754]  INFO -- crab: TC10001: 3 step(s) found

To do / Roadmap / Known Bugs

Please see the issues page page.

Suggestions? Please get in touch!

Authors and Contributors

And last but not least, Rodrigo Spohr and Camilo Ribeiro for the user testing.

Disclaimers and Acknowledgements

This project and its authors have no affiliation with Rally Software Development Corp. or the Cucumber project.

It was written as necessity in a real-world project, and by no means should represent endorsement of either product.

Rally (c) 2003-2011 Rally Software Development Corp.

Cucumber (c) 2008-2011 Aslak Hellesøy et al.


Copyright 2011 Carlos Villela

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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